At a certain point in life cancer hits every third person in the Western world. Almost every adult has endured the loss of a family member or a dear friend to one of the many cancers.
Although the absolute numbers of newly diagnosed patients are still very high, new effective treatments are on their way and at an increasing pace. Compared with only a decade ago so many more patients of all kinds of cancer can be cured or at least given a better quality of life. The rising percentages of cured patients really is a reason for rejoice.

However, our Radboudumc doctors and researchers are not satisfied at all with this increasing percentage of cured cancer patients. Not at all. They keep striving for a further increase in the percentage of people that survive cancer… every day!
Any donation to our hospitals effort on fighting cancer is most welcome. If you want to make a distinct impact on a selected type of cancer, please visit our project page (Dutch) to select the research topic of your preference.
All projects are designed and approved to serve cancer patients: whether it is to find new treatments, to discover better systems of care or to provide (ex)patients a better quality of life. All researchers have this single focus: ‘to have a significant impact on health care’.

If you prefer to have our board decide where your money is most needed, simply fill out the online donation form and we are happy to welcome you as our new friend.

Feel free to contact us, if our English website does not suffice. We are happy to serve you.

Harry Verwaaijen

Manager Radboud Oncology Foundation

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T – 0031 6 11515164

 Stichting Radboud Oncologie Fonds is a formally recognized and registered charitable cause (so called ‘ANBI’), in accordance with Dutch (tax) regulation.