Georgina and Sam, two students from the Rivers international School Arnhem took this slogan in 2017 to embed their first fundraising campaign for the Radboud Oncology Foundation. It deserves great admiration that they use their energy and enthusiasm for organizing  a grand opening festival on September 2nd on their new school premises . On top of that they took the challenge of raising funds for a well thought cause: cancer research. Hence, Operation Cancel Cancer was born.
Sam and Georgina selected Radboud Oncology Foundation (in Dutch: ‘Stichting Radboud Oncologie Fonds’) as their partner in reaching (part of) that goal.

What does it take to outsmart cancer? Research.

Our research teams at Radboudumc in Nijmegen are daily striving and struggling to find new answers to a disease that aches mankind so much. All these research efforts are to serve our patients, diagnosed with cancer. Radboudumc researchers are among the top of the world; patients are flown in to be diagnosed or treated by our doctors and knowledge is shared constantly with other top research institutes around the globe.

If you also recognize our expertise and want your donation to be spent directly on research for cancer (care and treatments), please make your online donation or read more.